Our guarantee of quality: "Made in Germany".

Quality and development

Knapheide has always worked according to the premise: Only those who produce the most important things themselves have a constant influence on the quality and further development of their products. Only in this way can the extraordinarily high quality standards be maintained consistently and reliably.

This is why Knapheide manufactures all components itself. Either in the main factory in Beckum or in one of the four German locations in Beckum, Bochum or Kaltenkirchen. Because each individual component determines the performance and service life of the complete hydraulic system.

Knapheide -
Knapheide -

Strict quality control

In highly stressed industries, reliable and durable components of construction and machine tools are therefore an absolute must.

All components come from our own production and undergo strict quality control.

In this way, the company is showing its colours for Germany as a business location and for best production quality. The result of this uncompromising philosophy: particularly robust, durable hydraulic systems that work reliably and precisely even under extreme conditions.